Dr. Subhasis Saha

MBBS(Cal), MS, M.Ch, DNB (Pediatric Surgery)

Pediatric Plastic Surgeon in Kolkata, India

Pediatric Plastic Surgery

1) Umbilical Hernia

2) Epidermolysis Bullosa in a Newborn Baby

3) Necrosis due to Extravasation of Calcium in a Newborn

After debridement, foam dressing and vacuum application to help wound contraction and wound healing. A modern development.

4) Scalp Hemangioma

Scalp Hemangioma

Post Operative Outcome After Flap Repair

5) Superficial Gangrene following Calcium Extravasation in a Small Baby. Shouldn't Neglect. Needed Skin Grafting.

6) Cleft Palate

We have a team of Pediatric Surgeons, Plastic Surgeons, Orthodontists and Speech Therapists to give satisfactory outcome to Babies with Ceft Palate. We operate when these babies have a body weight of 10 kg approximately and our around 1 year of age.

For very poor patients we have arrangements for these procedures to be done by experts completely Free of cost.